notNeutral Ribbon 8′ Round Area Rug in Blue and White

notNeutral Ribbon 8' Round Area Rug in Blue and White
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Based on the Guilloché engravings used to make money harder to copy, our Ribbon pattern explores variations on interwoven lines. Guilloché is a decorative engraving technique of scratching very fine lines into a plate to create a very intricate pattern. We were specifically interested in how it was used on money and looked at the pattern in detail; at the interwoven loops, the cadence and at what happens when two areas overlapped. We then increased the scale dramatically and played with the overlaps. We started with patterns as flat art on glazed dishes, etched into glass, screen printed on pillows, and woven into wool rugs. We are now expanding Ribbon to include more three-dimensional products, drawing direct inspiration from wrought ironwork, which has decorated railings and gates and been used to create household goods for centuries. The notNeutral Ribbon rug is available in four colors (pink/orange, red/white, blue/white, and green/white).. We have a wide selection of Decor > Rugs by notneutral.

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